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Financial Manager - Charity Accounting Software

posted this on June 8, 2009, 14:06



Our Financial Manager is an online accounting system
designed exclusively for charities.  It gives you and your team easy access to your finance system anywhere, anytime.




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Flexible working

Financial Manager can provide simple cash accounting or accrual accounting set up.  It can even accommodate a two tier approach where cash accounting is undertaken in local offices or branches, with the central administration managing the corporate chart of accounts.


Online Access and Maintenance Free

The software (and your data) is accessed online via all major internet browsers.  No additional software nor additional updates are necessary - we update the software as and when new releases are made.

All the Important Features

As you would expect from a charity accounting package, all the necessary tools and reporting functionality is readily available to help you and your team efficiently manage the finances.

Peace of mind

3SD takes care of your data's security and privacy automatically.  Backed up daily, all data is securely stored on our servers, so even if your computer is lost or stolen your data is still perfectly safe.

Easy to use

All system features - from the user interface and entering transactions, to generating reports - have been designed for the non-technical or non-bookkeeper user.  We appreciate volunteers with little experience or training may need quick and hassle-free access.


User Access Control

The access control facility helps you manage what the user can see and do once logged into the software.  Restrictions such as "No Access", "View Only" or "Full Control" can be set for many functions and views.  This means you can be assured that sensitive or confidential parts of the system will only be visible to those users that have the authority.



A unique selling point is the ability for Finance Manager to integrate seamlessly with our Gift Aid module (which can also be purchased separately).  Integration filters donations and allows them to be allocated to donors effortlessly without duplication. More importantly perhaps, this also allows for an audit trail back to the original bank or cash transaction.

Single data set

You and your team can login anytime, anywhere and all access the same information.  Once data is saved, access to that financial information is instant.



"Finance Manager is both easy to use and flexible enough for our organisation.  Having standardised systems, such as those offered by 3SD has made our life much easier...."      

John Biggs. 


See this demo of Finance Manager, known as OPAS, a system currently being used by many parishes.



  • Full banking facility such as reconcile and transfer,

  • Create automatic Standing Orders or Direct Debits
  • Multiple fund reporting
  • Simple cash accounting module ideal for small charities
  • Full customer and supplier tools to manage invoices
  • Real-time Income & Expenditure analysis
  • Management reports including monthly analysis
  • All necessary reports for end of year accounts completion
  • No archiving of data necessary, all historical always available
  • Integrate with Gift Aid for seamless transfer of donations
  • Automatic daily back up and security of data




How our product compares....

Why integrate with our Gift Aid Module

Financial Manager has been developed with the charity user in mind.  From the simple, user friendly navigation and interfaces to the terminolgy and the functionality, we strive to ensure our product fits the needs of all charities. Our Gift Aid module enables you to manage your database of donors, allocate donations, send claims to HMRC and produce letters seamlessly in one easy to use interface.  Here's how you could benefit from using Financial Manager in conjunction with Gift Aid.
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Safe & Secure x.gif y.gif y.gif y.gif y.gif
Automated Backup's x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
Multi-user access x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
Designed for charity usage y.gif y.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
Standardised system x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
Immediate support x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
Integrated with Gift Aid x.gif y.gif x.gif x.gif y.gif
  • Avoid duplication; all entries in Gift Aid are filtered from Financial Manager
  • Increase audit trail; only reconciled bank transactions are claimed in Gift Aid
  • Increases accuracy of claims as less manual data input is needed
  • Indicate whether payments are cash (envelopes) or one-off in Financial Manager
  • Set up Standing Order to automatically allocate to the donor record
  • Automatic checking to ensure donor and donations details are valid
  • Full overview of all organisations using the two tier "Diocese-Parish" style format.
  • Claims can be made anytime during the year and donations locked thereafter

Take a look at our Gift Aid Module | Watch more video demonstrations




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